Antonopoulos Private Collection Red 2017

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Wine StyleStill
AppellationPGI Achaia
VarietyMavrodaphne, Merlot
Content (ml)750ml

Antonopoulos Vineyards was founded by the late visionary winemaker, Constantinos Antonopoulos near the city of Patras in the northwestern of Peloponnese. Constantinos saw the vast, untapped potential of this diverse landscape, especially the mountainous region of Achaia and the unique winemaking opportunities it presented.

A new up to-date winery has been built recently at Vasiliko, Achaia, where the majority of the winery’s vineyards are. Other vineyards are in the region of Achaia at an altitude ranging from 150 to 900 meters. Antonopoulos Vineyards control vineyards all over the Peloponnese, some owned by the winery and some owned by farmers who have years of collaboration with the winery and cultivate their vineyards under the guidance of Antonopoulos’s agronomists.

antonopoulos fog vineyards 1

antonopoulos harvest
antonopoulos birds-eye view
antonopoulos fog-vineyards_2
antonopoulos harvest
antonopoulos birds-eye view
antonopoulos fog-vineyards_2

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