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Foradori. The Campo Rotaliano is a well-demarcated geographical area, a sort of indentation of the Valle dell’Adige, wedged between the mountains. Its history and formation are linked to the Noce River, which for centuries has carried limestone, granite and porphyritic debris. Within this small plain, depending on the basic soil content, it is possible to differentiate micro zones that have been given different names by the winemakers.

It is through gathering together the grapes of some of these micro zones, characterized by predominantly sandy soils and with different quality requirements that the wine is born.

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Elisabetta Foradori has become one of Italy’s superstar winemakers. Without a doubt, she is Italy’s finest producer of wines made from the Teroldego grape variety, one of the country’s oldest and finest traditional grapes. The Teroldego grape is genetically related to Syrah, and here in the northern Trentino’s mountain valleys it reaches its zenith in the subzone known as the Campo Rotaliano. All the Foradori vineyards lie in the side valley of Campo Rotaliano, and it is from these beautiful vineyards that Elisabetta Foradori is quietly producing some of Italy’s most complex, deep and compelling red wines.

Teroldego may not have the same international cachet as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, but the Foradori wines are stunning examples of world-class red wines that dance rings around the vast majority of modern Italian wines made from these two international grape varieties. The style of Teroldego from Foradori is unique and quite stunning. The bouquet is a complex melange of sweet black fruit redolent of cherries and dark berries, coupled with notes of blood orange, dark chocolate and classic Italian overtones of olives, herbs and soil. On the palate the Foradori wines are full-bodied, focused and beautifully balanced, synthesizing a refined style with the robust, Syrah-like hearty palate impression that is inherent in Teroldego. Tannins are beautifully integrated, adding structure for cellaring, while allowing the wines to be drunk with great enjoyment in their youth. Her wines are now a fixture at many of the top restaurants throughout Italy.

Elisabetta Foradori

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